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JWD TECH offers flat-rate daily fees to three distinct types of clients. There are separate rates for each - Home user, home office user and small business. Normal business hours are 10am-6pm Central time, Monday - Friday. Additional travel fees may apply for areas west of Navare, North of I-10, and areas east of HWY 331. In the event that warranty service JWD TECH can not provide is required, or if on-site call lasts less than 30min, a reduced fee may be applied. Failure to notify JWD TECH of any cancelation at least 2 hours prior to an appointment will result in a minimum fee of $100 for home users, $200 for home office and small business clients.

Installation of Hardware and Software

When installation is required, the client must be able to supply the required media, be it the operating system, required drivers, software license(s), CD-ROM(s), DVD-ROM(s), or Product / License Key(s), serial number(s), usernames, and passwords, and/or restore media.

Internet troubleshooting

If the client has problems with internet connectivity, and requires assistance, they must be able to provide any needed user names or passwords. If these are not available, have been mis-placed, or forgotten, the client must be available to give required identity information to the internet service provider to obtain the username and password information.

Software Troubleshooting

Due to the many possible causes of software and system crashes caused by software, drivers, viruses, adware, spyware, etc, we can offer no guarantee that problems won’t re-occur after the initial fix (on-site or remote) of any problem. Revisiting websites that propagate spyware, adware, and other types of malware after an initial diagnosis is not recommended. (Beware of web sites claiming to be giving things away for free)

Hardware Troubleshooting

Many hardware problems can be related to components that may have intermittent issues that can not be detected until certain conditions are met. For example, some diagnostic tools will not see failing or leaking capacitors on a logic board. Defective RAM might not be found until other diagnoses are performed and a memory-intensive looping test is run overnight. The initial on-site testing may not discover the underlying cause of hardware related freezes and crashing.

Limitations on Liability

JWD TECH is not responsible for the integrity of data on storage media. As always, JWD TECH strongly recommends that clients back up their data regularly and especially before submitting systems to JWD TECH (or anyone) for diagnosis or repair.

JWD TECH will not be held responsible for incidental damages done to hardware from any and all upgrades or diagnostic procedures. Warranty, product repair, and product replacement are the responsibility of the manufacturer and dealer.


Payment is expected at the time of service by cash, check, or credit card unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
We may grant EOM (End-of-month) or 30-day terms to qualified clients at our discretion. Payment must received within 30 days of the date of service.

Failure to notify JWD TECH of any cancelation at least 2 hours prior to an appointment will result in a minimum fee of $100 for home users, $200 for home office and small business clients.

Accounts unpaid after 30 days are assessed a $100 administrative fee.
Accounts unpaid after 60 days are assessed a $100 administrative fee each month until the account is paid IN FULL.

No further service is rendered until the account is paid in full. Future service is on a C.O.A. (Cash on Arrival) basis only.

Accounts unpaid after 90 days are placed for collection.


We reserve the right to refuse service.


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