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JWD TECH can provide you with the solutions you need for your home, home office, and small business.

Protect your data -

If you use your MacOS® or Windows based PC for more than playing games or surfing the web, it's likely you have important data on it's hard drive that you would never want to loose. Irreplaceable digital photos, term papers, banking and tax information. When disaster strikes, a fire, a hurricane, theft, your insurance company may replace your PC, but what about your data?

JWD TECH can show you how to protect that valuable data. Want to back up to CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or "The Cloud"? JWD TECH can show you how. Want to have your data backed up automatically if you're at your computer or not? JWD TECH can help you choose the software that will work best for you.

Has disaster already struck? Has water, fire, or other elements rendered your computer inoperable? Afraid your data is lost? Ask JWD TECH about your data recovery options...

Instruction and training -

You bought a new Mac® or Windows PC and want to be able to get the most out of it? You want to learn how to be safer from spyware and viruses while surfing the net? You want to learn how to burn CDs and DVDs? JWD TECH can show you how to get the most out of your PC.

One Phone Call solution -

JWD TECH is the one phone call you need to make when looking for MacOS support, service, pre-purchases support, and purchase assistance. Jeff is an Apple Certified Destop Technician, Apple Certified Laptop Technician, Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist, Apple Certified Support Professional 10.7, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.7, Mobility Technical Competency of the Apple Consultants Network program, a member of the Apple Consultants Network since 2006, and a member of the Apple Certification Alliance. From your initial purchase to your first iMovie, to finding a solution to protect your data from disaster, JWD TECH is the one phone call you should make.



Call or e-mail Jeff Danick for more information or to schedule an appointment.





  Hard drive crash? Need your data? We can save it!

JWD TECH is an authorized partner in DriveSavers' Reseller Program. Mention our Reseller ID# (DS17837) and receive a discount on your data recovery!

DriveSavers has specialized in recovering lost data for 20 years and has the highest success rate in the industry. The company recovers data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and storage media including hard drives, RAID, disk arrays, servers, floppies, CD-ROM/DVD, backup tapes, flash memory, removable and magneto-optical cartridges. DriveSavers is authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. They are known worldwide as the most trusted and respected company in the industry. Visit their web site at www.drivesavers.com to learn more or:

Call DriveSavers today to receive an immediate estimate: 800-440-1904




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